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This webpage tells you briefly about Learning Disability England (formally Housing and Support Alliance) - what it believes and what it does.
The LDE wants to create more choice and control for people with learning disabilities over where they live and how they are supported.

It is a national charity and membership organisation working with people with learning disabilities, families, advocacy organisations, housing and support providers and commissioners.

What we believe

We believe that people with learning disabilities should:
  • live ordinary lives in their community
  • have the same rights as everyone else - to make choices and to control what happens in their lives.

Good housing and support is the foundation of an equal and ordinary life. We believe people should make real choices about:
  • where they live - not be placed in services
  • how they get support - not be fitted into a one-size-fits-all package
  • who they live with - not have to share with people just because they have a learning disability.
We believe that:
  • communities are important to people and people are important to communities - we do not segregate people from communities unless the law says we must
  • family, friends and relationships matter - we know this is the most important part of peoples lives.

What we do

  • offers free independent advice, information and resources on housing, support, funding and rights
  • campaigns for better housing, support and rights for people with learning disabilities
  • hosts conferences and events
  • offers training and consultancy services
  • commissions and conducts research
  • identifies and shares good practice.
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Learning Disability England
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Learning Disability England
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