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People First England provides  a national voice for people with learning disabilities.

We will do this by working with other national and local groups of self advocates and campaigning about the issues that matter most to all of us. We want to make sure that people with learning disabilities are heard loud and clear by politicians and policy makers.

People First England Update:

People First England is currently working with H&SA to create Learning Disability England, a new organisation that will bring together people, families and friends, and organisations in order to create a strong voice on national issues.

We've just finished a consultation where we asked hundreds of people what they thought about our ideas. We will publish the results of the consultation soon.

You can read more about Learning Disability England on the People First England website here

Just recently People First England ran media training for self-advocates. It was a two day course where self-advocates with learning disabilities learnt about how the media works, how to talk to journalists and how to do interviews for radio and TV. The day was a huge success and all the self-advocates went away feeling more confident about speaking to the media. We'll be running more training sessions in the future - get in touch if this is something you're interested in. 

How People First England Began:

People First England started in January 2014 with the help of many individuals and organisations who came together and gave money and help to get us started.

The priority for People First England is to get to the political party conferences this year and influence both main parties before the 2015 general election.

People First England will also become an independent organisation by September 2015. So that we can do this and work to bring people with learning disabilities together in a national voice, we need a stable income and support. We hope to achieve stability by getting our funding through sponsorship from people and organisations that care about and for people with learning disabilities.

Can you commit to sponsoring People First England?

In return for sponsoring People First England you will:

  • Receive regular newsletter updates about what we are doing
  • Become a named sponsor on our website
  • Display your logo or photo on our site

 We will be grateful for any amount of sponsorship and suggest the amounts below as a guide

Annual sponsorship (suggested)

Sponsor type


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Small organisations


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Please use our Sponsorship flyer:
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