Linnet Macintyre

This page tells you about Linnet, an Associate Advisor with H&SA.

Linnet Macintyre with her family

Linnet Macintyre is co- founder of the People Hub and mother of Iona, a young woman who loves music, being with other young people and going out and having fun- Iona also has profound and multiple learning disabilities so the reality of her life is that she struggles to find friends and get out and about in one of the most densely populated and culturally vibrant areas of the country. Linnet has committed to finding new and better ways to enable disabled young people to get good lives and is part of driving the development of local housing for people with profound and multiple disabilities in London and is working with the council and several local families to achieve this.

As a result of her first hand experience as a mother but also from contact with many parents, Linnet has developed a real passion and belief that the way forward is to put people at the heart of the planning process. Not their condition, their symptoms, the available services or the traditional solutions but looking at and understanding Iona as a person has been the key to her living the best life she can. The knock on effect on her health, her happiness and her family has been enormous and also empowering.

Linnet has been involved with the Peer Network in the developmental process of personal health budgets as co-director of the People Hub. She has also written articles in the national press about disability issues.

Linnet specialises in person centred approaches to enabling people with profound and multiple learning disabilities to have good lives, community development, making the transition process better and making personal health budgets work.

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