Research into resettlement from long stay institutions in Northern Ireland

Project summary: H&SA will be working alongside North Harbour Consulting to carry out research into the experience of people with mental health issues and learning disabilities who have been resettled in the community from long-stay hospitals since the Bamford Review in 2005.
The research team for this project comprises of the Housing and Support Alliance, North Harbour Consulting (Northern Ireland) and Fiona Boyle Associates (Northern Ireland).

The research project (starting 2014) has been commissioned by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive which has strategic responsibility for planning housing and support services for people who have additional support needs. The support element is funded by the Supporting People (SP) Programme which is administered by the Housing Executive. In 2012, the programme funded 2,664 units of accommodation-based support and 409 places in floating support for people with mental health issues and learning disabilities. The combined value of this funding was £23.8 million. In addition, SP funded places under homelessness provision for people with alcohol/substance abuse issues and homeless people who have mental ill-health and learning disabilities.

The research forms part of the wider programme of research that supports the Housing Executive’s role as Regional Housing Authority. It will involve interviews with policy-makers, planners and operational managers involved in provision, and 50 of the 300 people who have been resettled from long stay institutions and 50 carers, looking at their experiences, the effectiveness of the resettlement process, client satisfaction and the impact on their lives that living in the community once again has had. The results of the research will influence policy development, future housing provision including the types, mix and geographical location, future development of community-based support services, SP commissioning and contract management. Overall this piece of work will not only highlight the successes and possible weaknesses of provision that enables the resettlement process to take place, but also seek to tell the story of resettlement from the viewpoint of resettled people themselves and other stakeholders.
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