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December 2013

December 1 2013.pdf
Green light toolkit / NHS England's project, making health and social care accessible / Centre for studies on inclusive education "special" education revisited
Attachment: 20534_recovery_first_inserts_male.pdf   Sheffield University research.doc

December 2 2013.pdf
National learning disability awards / RCSLT 5 Good Communication standards / Identifying early risk markers of self-injurious behavior / Getting older with autism

December 3 2013.pdf
Easyread information for migraines / One in five inpatients with LD is being treated 100km or more away from home / Winterbourne -your views / Hft's series of short videos about PIPs

November 2013

November 1 2013.pdf
Improving the health and wellbeing of people with LD - an evidence based commissioning guide / understanding how the NHS, public health and social care works / Co-production in social care: what it is and how to do it

November 2 2013.pdf
Health equalities framework / Quality of health action plans / Health and wellbeing boards: one year on / Advances in mental health and intellectual disabilities, volume 7 issue 6

November 3 2013.pdf
New one page profile resource from SCIE / Deep end summary 21 / Have things changed since Winterbourne View / recently published journal articles

November 4 2013.pdf
Hft resources / Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust public inquiry / State of care 2012/13 / IHal LD annual health checks - doing them properly guide / Disabilities rights publication
Attachment: CECOPS Brochure_web version.pdf

November Events 2013.pdf

October 2013

October 1 2013.pdf
Starting primary school: for parents who have learning disabilities / Breaking the silence / Government policy on Disability living allowance

October 2 2013.pdf
IHal making reasonable adjustments to dementia / Delivering better service for people with long-term conditions

October 3 2013.pdf
Going into hospital with a learning disability / Personal independence payment / Disability rights UK don't think of welfare reform / Personalisation of home

October 4 2013.pdf
Personal health budget right to have / Investing in Families and communities: time to change / SCIE integrated working: an overview / Stop learning disability hate crime
Attachment: CECOPS Brochure_web version.pdf

October 5 2013.pdf
Driving up quality / advocacy in a cold climate / what disability? spend to mend / Foundation for people with learning disabilities

September 2013

September 1 2013.pdf
New eye easy read / Mental capacity act information / Mental capacity toolkit / Personal health budgets:challenges for commissioners / Personal health budgets ; new mental health programme

September 2 2013.pdf
Doc ready / Preparing for adulthood / CQC review of learning disability services / CQC transition arrangments for young people with complex health needs

September 3 2013.pdf
Joint health and social care self assessment framework / Good sexual health for people with learning disabilities / SCIE dying well at home: the guide for integrated working / Gaps in childcare for disabled children
September 4 2013.pdf
Driving up quality / College of social work publishes good practice guidance / Autism research centre
Attachment: EQ September 2013.pdf   Improving Services for Offenders with LDD - lit review final.pdf  LD6Cs - updated 20 8 13.pdf

August 2013

August 1 2013.pdf
Getting advice about the law / Easy read NWTDT / Early support England / MacIntyre health and wellbeing resources

August 2 2013.pdf
Personal health budgets / Key resources for professionals / budgets toolkit / Support programme / Commissioning for carers: Key principals for clinical commissioning groups

August 3 2013.pdf
Commissioning children's palliative care in the new NHS / Guidelines for lawyers to provide better service for people with LD / Winterbourne view JIP / New LD guideline on vision

August 4 2013.pdf
MENCAP stuck at home report / Easy read root canal treatment / Confidential inquiry into premature deaths / Department of health adult autism review 2013

July 2013

July 1 2013.pdf
Duty to care / Map of medicine / Scottish CJS publications
Attachment: Benchmark Vulnerable People.pdf

July 2 2013.pdf
Essence of care / IHal health checks / FPLD publications / Choice Support publications / BILD useful resources
Attachment: 3-COSA leaflet 6pp DL-LR.PDF

July 3 2013.pdf
Cerebra ID briefings / self injury / ASD in genetic disorders / the relevance of the cause of ID / Cerebra centre for neurodevelopmental disorders / publications for parents
Attachment: Hospital Passport.pdf

July 4 2013.pdf
Friends and family test / Review quality of care and treatment 14 hospitals / RCN responds to Francis report / Patients spend money better than GPs / Easy read the criminal justice system
Attachment: 2020healthphbreportMSTONLINE_9-7-13.pdf

July 5 2013.pdf
College report: inpatient services in response to Winterbourne scandal / Challenging behaviour foundation information sheets / Getting older with autism

July –Department of Health Inquiry- 2013.pdf

June 2013

June 1 2013.pdf
Safeguarding vulnerable people in the reformed NHS / Better outcomes for young offenders / Guidance on human rights for commissioners on home care
Attachment: 1_-_CSEGG_Inquiry_Interim_Report_-_November_2012.pdf

June 2 2013.pdf
Opening the door to better healthcare / BILD code of practice for the use of restrictive physical interventions
Attachment: Violence DVD flyer.pdf

June 3 2013.pdf
Making progress with personal health budgets / Personal health budgets guide / Getting things right / Pain resources

June 4 2013.pdf
Health equality framework / Safe & secure working constructively with people who self harm / Transition website
Attachment: Transition Programme newsletter - June 2013.pdf

June –Criminal Justice System- 2013.pdf

June –Learning Disabilities 2012- 2013.pdf

June –Special Commissioners- 2013.pdf

June Special Mail 2013.pdf

May 2013

May 1 2013.pdf
RCN Rights, risks & responsibilities / Moving on to secondary school / Allocating post-16 learning support budgets

May 2 2013.pdf
Support for offenders w/ learning difficulties / Investing in Advocacy for parents with LD / Care Bill published / The Domesday dataset
Attachment: Bauer et al Advocacy DP 2860.pdf

May 3 2013.pdf
Guide to UK health care / New fathers guide / Grandparents / Siblings / Winterbourne JIP / Net buddy

May 4 2013.pdf
Easy read - A picture of health / 2nd national personal budget survey / Funding for personal assistant / Effective Communication is a shred responsibilities chick lists

April 2013

April 1 2013.pdf
Family footings website / Antisocial behavior in children / Cyber parenting children and the web / BME resources

April 2 2013.pdf
Disability hate crime reporting toolkit / Delivering health reforms / Kings fund

April 3 2013.pdf
Revised national framework for NHS / Health equality guide / £23.7M Fund for families / Path to personalisation

April 4 2013.pdf
Why is social care facing the deepest cuts? / New publications / SEND pathfinder programme report / Easyread electro-convulsive therapy

April Thinking ahead.pdf
Thinking ahead improvement report

March 2013

March 1 2013.pdf
When you child has additional needs / Social Policy research / Losing track of time / MSc applied psychology / Personal health budgets /

March 2 2013.pdf
Looking into abuse / Bristol research when people with LD need legal advice / Personal health budget update / Sexual health & relationship photo image bank
Attachment: Specs4UsCatalog2012-send full.pdf

March 3 2013.pdf
IHaL filling in the gaps / MHF making best interest decisions / Fire safety video / Debt and the Winterbourne legacy / Film about people with profound and multiple LD
Attachment: pcpldc.pdf

March 4 2013.pdf
Good Practice resource  / The Francis report and the subsequent response from Westminster
Attachment: Francis_Report-v3.pdf

March 5 2013.pdf
New web address for personal health budgets / Confidential inquiry into premature deaths of people with learning disabilities / The patient journey
Attachment: PatientJourneyReport.pdf

February 2013

February 1 2013.pdf
Avoiding Another Winterbourne View / Getting it right / Post natal depression

February 2 2013.pdf
Never again / a fair society / Commissioning fact sheets / £5.45 healthcare budget

February 3 2013.pdf
Francis report: CCGS and GPs / VIPER research / Easy read JSNA examples / Ensuring financial security for family with LD

February 4 2013.pdf
Diagnosis unknown / Best practice guide medications / SCIE report 50

February 5 2013.pdf
IHaL Improving the uptake of Health checks for adults with learning disabilities

January 2013

January 1 2013.pdf
Personal budgets / Breaking bad news / Turning young lives around / A guide to disability, Transitions and family finance

January 2 2013.pdf
Foundation for people with LD / Talking wellbeing / Triage risk assessment tool / Assessing pain / Somethings got to change

January 3 2013.pdf
The BILD ageing well project / Helping children with autism self regulate emotions / Eye care for people with LD
Attachment: JTP 2013.pdf
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