Building Knowledge in Housing and Support Together

72 days of training was provided across the country, between 2012 and 2014, in 24 different locations. Each course was made up of three days, the third of which had three different options.

The aim of these courses was to build and share local knowledge in developing housing and support solutions that keep people with challenging behaviour and profound and multiple learning disabilities living in their communities, or to bring people back who have had to leave because of a lack of local services.

The 3 day training programme was supplied alongside the mentoring and materials to support on-going local development. A particular objective was that participants should pass the knowledge they gained on the course to other local people. Therefore the each participant received expert information, advice and support, training, and facilitated on-going local learning.


Five different presentations were provided, depending on which of the final day options were selected. The presentations can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Keeping it Local! Day 1.pdf

Keeping it Local! Day 2.pdf

Keeping it Local! Day 3 Changing Services.pdf

Keeping it Local! Day 3 Good Support.pdf

Keeping it Local! Day 3 Pathway.pdf

Other resources

Each attendee received a USB stick updated with useful resources. By popular demand these resources are now available here to download:

Changing Services:
RESOURCE Feeling Settled.pdf
RESOURCE There is an Alternative updated-sm-a.pdf
Commissioning housing and support for people with complex housing needs:
ASL Report - Study into Good Commissioning.pdf
ASL Report - Pre-empting Negotiating and Resolving Crises.pdf
BetterUseofResourcesin learning disability services.pdf
Commissioning-Housing-Support for health and wellbeing.pdf
Cost Models in Learning disability social care provision.pdf
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for vulnerable adults- housing and support.pdf
Housing Options Self Assessment tool.pdf
Localism Act plain english guide.pdf
Planning and Commissioning housing for people with learning disabilities.pdf
Shaping_the_market_for personalisation.pdf
Well matched and Skilled Staff.pdf
Working Together for Change_using person_centred_info_for_commissioning.pdf

Easy Read Materials:
EASY READ FACTSHEET 8 Ways to get a House.pdf
EASY READ FACTSHEET Renting Privately.pdf
EASY READ FACTSHEET Renting Social Housing.pdf
EASY READ FACTSHEET Sheltered Housing and Extra Care.pdf
EASY READ FACTSHEET Support Tenant.pdf
EASY READ FACTSHEET Supported Living Networks.pdf
EASY READ FACTSHEETS Home Ownership Homebuy and HOLD.pdf
Using a Bank Account(Sngls).pdf
Your Money Your Home(Sngls).pdf
Your Money Your Insurance (Sngls).pdf
Easy Read Tenancy Agreement template.pdf
Explaining Words (Sngls).pdf
Moving On and Planning Aheadl(Sngls).pdf
RESOURCE My Home My Money.pdf
RESOURCE Your Place to Live- Making it Happen.pdf
Checks of learning disability Services in England.pdf
Strategy for Adults with Autism in England.pdf

Housing Factsheets:
FACTSHEET 8 ways to get a house.pdf
FACTSHEET Care Quality Commission and Registration of Care Services.pdf
FACTSHEET Deputyship and LPA.pdf
FACTSHEET Discretionary Trusts.pdf
FACTSHEET Family investment.pdf
FACTSHEET HB and Family Letting.pdf
FACTSHEET Home Ownership homebuy and HOLD.pdf
FACTSHEET Housing Benefit.pdf
FACTSHEET Renting Privately.pdf
FACTSHEET Renting Social Housing.pdf
FACTSHEET Shared Lives and Supported Lodging.pdf
FACTSHEET Specialist Buy to Let.pdf
FACTSHEET Support Tenants.pdf
FACTSHEET Supported Living Network.pdf
FACTSHEET Tenancy Agreements.pdf
FACTSHEET Types of Tenancy Agreements.pdf
Pathway to housing example.pdf

Materials on Rights:
Choice, Contracts and Mental Capacity.pdf
HB and unsigned tenancies let.pdf
Ten-top-tips aimed at families.pdf
The Equality Act 2010.pdf
THE UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities.pdf


Planning Materials:
Compatibility assessment tool -Brighton _ Hove Council.pdf
Housing assessment outline.pdf
My Own Place final, Transitions Planning for housing.pdf

Policy and Strategy Papers:
cqc_learning disability services_inspection programme_report.pdf
DHletter to NHSandLA as response to-review-Winterbourne-View-Interim-Report1.pdf
Gov response to Raising our sights.pdf
Out of sight_report-response to Winterbourne View.pdf
People with Learning disabilities in England 2011.pdf
Raising Our Sights.pdf
Strategy for Adults with Autism in England.pdf

Resources for Managing Quality:
RESOURCE Hands off its my Home! Checklist.pdf
RESOURCE Hands off Its my Home! Guidance.pdf
RESOURCE Hands off its my Home! Introduction Information.pdf
RESOURCE Hands off its my Home!! Action Plan.pdf
RESOURCE Real Tenancy Test.pdf

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