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The government wants to change how the money works for supported housing.

They want to do this because they think that planning for supported housing should happen locally.

They also want to do this so that it fits with Welfare Reform.

The government consultation is here

It is not very easy to understand so we have written a plain English version Changes to supported housing- consultation.pdf

It is in a PDF. If you want a word version to edit, please email enquiries@LDengland.org.uk


Learning Disability England will tell the government what our members say.

We want to know what members who are tenants, families, supported housing providers and commissioners think.

We want as many members as possible to take part in this consultation. We ask that supported housing providers consult with as many tenants, families and advocates as possible.

Some of the questions the government is asking are very technical and mean little to most tenants and their families, that is why we have written a plain English version.

We will also hold members consultation meetings on the following dates:

2-pm- 5pm Tuesday 24th January 2017- Bristol
9am- 12pm Wednesday 25th January - Manchester
2pm-5pm Wednesday 25th January 2017- Birmingham
9.30-12.30pm Friday 27th January- London

We also want to make sure that the government understands what supported housing means to tenants with learning disabilities and their families.

We want to make sure that people’s homes are protected.

We want to make sure that good supported housing is available in the future for people with learning disabilities.

We want to make sure the government understands how supported housing for people with learning disabilities is different to supported housing for other groups of people.

We will gather together this information and need it by Monday 6th February 2017.

Book a place on consultation events and send responses to mariana.ortiz@LDEngland.org.uk

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